Phat Bass Custom Spinnerbaits

Fat Bass Custom Spinnerbaits are made with tandem Willowleaf & tandem Colorado blades in 6 custom colors. We also offer one specialized single Willowleaf blade bait designed for fishing Milfoil and one single Colorado bait that excels as a drop and flutter bait in cold water. Our spinnerbaits are available in 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 & 1 oz. weights. We use Mustad ultra-point hooks, custom skirts and a matching trailer and 3-D eyes. By combining ultra-flex wire and the right size blades we are able to maximize vibration and achieve proper water displacement. I love these spinnerbaits and you will too. I like to wake the tandem Colorado bait slowly just under the surface, this is a great presentation for big fish. Each bait comes complete with an ultra smooth ball bearing swivel containing 6 internal bearings and a matching trailer that adds both bulk and visual appeal to the bait. We use only premium gold and polished silver blades on our spinnerbaits because you deserve the best. Our newest color Sunfish works great in Spring when bluegill are trying to eat the bass fry. 

Brand new for 2021: Check out our full line of Fat Bass Elite Series Spinnerbaits with Gamagatsu hooks.

Please Note: All spinnerbaits come pre rigged with a color matched paddle tail trailer.

Baby Bass.

Sunfish.   Silver Shad.

Ghost White. 

Sexy Sally.

 Okeechobee Blue.

Milfoil Special: We designed this spinnerbait for one of our tournament guys specifically for fishing milfoil and it excels in that application but it also works well on suspended fish. This bait comes in Sexy Sally in 1/2 oz. only.  

Shad Master.


Sexy Sally.

Ghost White.

Mud Bug.

Okeechobee Blue.

        Fat Bass Elite Series Spinnerbaits with Gamagatsu hooks. Our Elite series bait's are unique in that each bait is custom made by Joe with a specific purpose and idea in mind. These bait's will please even the most demanding angler, and each color is available in 3/8 & 1/2 oz.

Bull Bream:

Texas Red:

Blue Suede Shoes:

 White Lightning:

Ice Ice Baby: 

Chartreuse Moose:

Prickly Pear:

Florida Slammer.

Prickly Pear, tandem Colorado.

Fat Bass Custom Baits makes an excellent buzzbait. Several touring pros buy our buzz baits because they are simple and flat out catch quality bass. We offer this outstanding bait in six custom colors and each color is available in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz. weights. We use aluminum blades because of their unique sound and we combine this attribute with the proper sized blade which allows you to retrieve the bait at a slower speed which we feel is key to triggering larger bass. These baits come complete with custom colored skirts, a color matched paddle tail trailer and a Mustad wide gap ultra point hook.

Blue Suede Shoes:

Texas Red:

The Champ:

Ghost White: 

Sexy Sally: 

Big Dog:

Baby Bass: 

Shad Master: 

Picture shows different size blades