Phat Bass Custom Jigs:

 All Fat Bass Custom jigs are made using professional quality heads. Our Flipping jig head was designed by none other then B.A.S.S. Jig fishing legend Gary Klein and its hands down the best flipping jig on the market in my opinion. This jig head is made with a wide gap super strong hook that is needle sharp. You can winch a 10 pounder out of heavy cover and you will not bend this hook out. The narrow concave design of this jig head rotates the jig upward as you set the hook causing the hook point to bury in the roof of the fishes mouth which is precisely what you want. If you enjoy pitching and flipping big bass in heavy cover and skipping Jigs under docks you will love these jigs. Our flipping jigs are available in 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 oz. and come complete with a color matched crawfish trailer that vibrates and glides in the water. This is an outstanding big bass bait.

Our weedless Football head jigs feature a recessed line tie to protect the knot and a Mustad, super sharp, wide gap ultra-point hook. They are available in 1/2 & 3/4 oz. This is a great jig for fishing deep trees and brush piles. I have caught hundreds of big bass on deep clear highland reservoirs by working these jigs off rocky points, humps and ledges in 10 to 50' of water. These Jigs come complete with a color matched crawfish style trailer and are always a great option when bass are relating to structure.

 One of my favorite baits is our Fat Bass custom Baits Swim Jigs. This outstanding bait is available in 10 custom colors and comes with a tapered head design which makes it ideal for swimming in heavy cover. It's built on a big 5 OT wide gap heavy wire Mustad ultra point hook which we feel is perfect for trophy bass and stripers. We are calling this new bait our Magnum Swim Jig and you can view the full line up in the eCommerce section of our website or the bottom of this page. This bait is available in both 3/8 & 1/2 oz. which should cover any depth range that you need to fish. When you need that kicker fish this is the bait to throw. The jig head that we use comes complete with a double collar locking system to hold your skirts and trailers firmly in place, 3 D eyes, armor tough paint, and a large color matched paddle tail trailer which adds action and bulk to this outstanding bait. The versatility of a swim jig and the fact that big bass will hammer them makes this a consistent year round producer.

We also offer an outstanding bladed swim jig that is built on a super strong Mustad wide gap ultra point hook. Each bladed swim jig comes with a Fat Bass custom colored skirt, matching paddle tail trailer and a custom color matched blade. We offer this outstanding bait & trailer combination in 3/8 and 1/2 oz. sizes, and in 8 custom colors. I guarantee you will not find a better bladed swim jig at any price. Several professional bass fisherman use our bladed swim jigs and you should too. This is a bait that will make you a better fisherman.

The newest member in our Phat Bass Custom Bait's family is a remake of a living rubber skirted jig that Joe designed over 25 years ago while he was guiding. This is a very specific jig designed for cold water applications. From mid fall when the water temperature drops below 60 degrees until mid spring when the water temperature rises above 60 degrees is when this bait really shines. Unlike silicone or Mylar skirts, cold water brings living rubber to life. In cold water living rubber rules period. We are offering this outstanding jig in 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 oz. in both a flipping jig and a football head jig. This jig is only available in one color, Joe's Custom. This fantastic jig comes complete with a color matched scented crawfish trailer. In warm water use silicone and Mylar skirts and swim and hop your jigs. In cold water stick to living rubber jigs and do not hop or swim the jig, rather, slowly pull or drag the jig.

All Fat Bass Custom jigs come complete with quality armor tough paint schemes, Mustad wide gap ultra-point hooks, grade A weed guards, custom colored skirts, and a double collar keeper system to lock your trailers in place. We finish off each jig by adding a color matched trailer that adds both bulk and visual appeal to the bait.


Available colors listed below:

Flipping Jig: Ice Ice Baby.

Flipping Jig: The Champ.                                               

Flipping Jig: Prickly Pear.

Flipping Jig. Summer Craw. Flipping Jig: Havasu Special.

Flipping Jig: Orange Crush.

Flipping jig: Southern Craw.

Flipping Jig: Big Dog.

Flipping Jig: Green Machine.

Flipping Jig: Fat Boy.

Flipping Jig: Camo.       Flipping Jig: Bull Bream:                                                                     

Football head jigs:

Football Head Jig. The Champ.

Football Head Jig: Fat Boy.

 Football Head Jig: Big Dog.

Football Head Jig: Prickly Pear.

Football Head Jig: Havasu Special.

Football Head Jig: Ice Ice Baby.

Football Head Jig: Camo.

Magnum Swim Jig: Ice Ice Baby.

Magnum Swim Jig: Bull Bream.

Magnum Swim Jig: Prickly Pear.

Magnum Swim Jig: Ghost White.

Magnum Swim Jig: Sexy Sally.

Magnum Swim Jig. Big Dog.

 Magnum Swim Jig: Camo.       Magnum Swim Jig: Chartreuse Moose:                                                             

Bladed Swim Jig: Shad Master.

Bladed Swim Jig: Sexy Sally.

Bladed Swim Jig: Tilapia.

Bladed Swim Jig: Ice Ice Baby.

Bladed Swim Jig: Big Dog.

Bladed Swim Jig: Ghost White.

Bladed Swim Jig: Prickly Pear.

Bladed Swim Jig: Bull Bream.

Bladed Swim Jig: Camo.

Bladed Swim Jig: Chartreuse Moose:

Living Rubber Flipping Jig: Joe's Custom.

Living Rubber Football Jig: Joe's Custom.

 At Fat Bass Custom Baits our objective is to offer our customers the finest Jig & trailer combinations available at a competitive price. Part of that value comes in the form of utilizing custom color combinations combined with the finest Jig components on the market. I have been pitching & flipping Jigs for 30 plus years from California to Florida and guarantee you that our Jigs will catch bass anywhere. If you purchase our Jigs once you will buy them again because they really are that good. If you have any questions about which trailer to use please feel free to email me at

 Football Jig Head: 1/2, 3/4 oz. 4 OT Mustad ultra point hook.            

 Fat Bass Swim Jig Heads: 3/8 & 1/2 oz. 5 OT, wide gap, heavy wire ultra point hook.

Flipping Jig Head: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 oz.  Extra strong heavy wire wide gap ultra point hook.