We are proud to have teamed up with Chuck & Melissa Thomas to bring our customers some of the finest hair jigs made. These beautiful jigs not only hammer fish, but they will please even the most demanding angler. Hair jigs are one of the most deadly bait's ever created for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass, and they are equally effective on spotted bass, crappie and walleye. Each one of these hair jigs is made using only the finest quality hair from Coyote, Bobcat, bear, fox, racoon, moose, deer and elk. There is no substitute for a real hair jig in my opinion, they have a different look and action in the water and hair jigs rule in cold water. These beautiful jigs come complete with a needle point hook, and we will be offering them in 24 custom colors and each jig is available in 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 oz. sizes. Please note: These jigs are sold in a two pack. Pro tip: For fishing smaller hair jigs, say, from 1/8 to 1/4 oz. I like to fish them on a 6' 9" medium light action spinning rod and 4 or 5 pound Gamma fluorocarbon or 6 pound Ande monofilament line. Once the jig touches bottom, simply shake the jig or lift & drop it using small subtle lifts, don't get real crazy with it. I like to keep my rod tip high and just kinda finesse it slowly along the bottom. Big smallies and walleye will absolutely slam this bait.

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