There is no denying the magic in a well made living rubber jig. Living rubber has a distinct action, look, feel and movement in the water. In cold water living rubber rules. Our Fat Bass Custom living rubber jig is the same jig Joe created when he was guiding in Arizona. Once the water temperature drops below 60 degrees in the fall until it warms to 60 degrees in the spring living rubber jigs are a player that will catch both numbers of bass and giant bass. In my opinion this is the finest cold water living rubber jig made period. Each jig comes with a color matched scented crawfish trailer. In warm water use silicone and Mylar skirted jigs, and hop and swim your jigs. In cold water stick to living rubber jigs, and slowly pull or drag the jig, do not swim or hop the bait. On those Brutal Winter days when the water temperature is in the 40's, I will replace the plastic trailer with a dark pork chunk.

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