Fat Bass pre rigged super floater worms

Fat Bass Custom Baits is proud to put our name on what we feel is the finest pre rigged super floater worm on the market. It starts by using a custom designed jig head that has a super sharp, 60 degree, Gamagatsu black nickel ultra point hook. Using a 60 degree hook changes your line to rod angel increasing sensitivity and allowing more control over the bait. We then add multiple coats of quality paint and a clear hardener/sealer to insure a strong durable head finish. We complete this outstanding bait by adding a color matched 4.5" super floater worm using a time tested formula. Our Super Floater worms have a strong scent that bass cant resist but I would not recommend you touch your mouth after tying one on or you might savor the flavor all day. The versatility of this bait is amazing. Swim it through suspended bass, hop it down points and ledges, fish it vertically down walls, or drop it vertically into bass sitting on structure. This bait excels at catching numbers of quality bass. We offer these outstanding baits in a 5 pack, and in four custom colors to cover all your needs. Available in both 3/16 & 5/16 oz. Pro tip: I prefer fishing this bait on a 6 1/2 or 7' medium/light action spinning rod with a fast tip, spooled with 6 or 8 pound Gamma fluorocarbon or 10 pound Gamma braid. Once the worm reaches the bottom simply twitch or lightly shake the worm until you feel the bass pick it up. Simply applying consistent pressure on the bass as you start reeling with will bury the hook on it's own. All monofilament & Fluorocarbon line has some memory, this issue is heightened on spinning reels because of the natural twist put into the line. The night before your trip simply spray your reel spools with Blakemore line lube. It's odorless and will eliminate the memory/coils in your line allowing you to concentrate on whacking bass.