We are proud to add this outstanding Swim Jig to the Fat Bass Custom Baits family. Swim Jigs are one of the most versatile baits ever created and will absolutely hammer bass year round. Everything about this bait screams quality and I always have one tied on. The narrow tapered head design excels at swimming through heavy cover and grass. This bait comes complete with 3 D glass eyes, armor tough paint, custom colored skirts, a large color matched paddle tail trailer, and a grade A weedguard. This outstanding bait is built using a Mustad 5 OT heavy wire ultra point hook, and the jig head sports a double collar system to lock the skirt and trailer in place. From big largemouth bass to trophy stripers this bait gets it done. Available in both 3/8 & 1/2 oz. sizes.

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Our newest color of Fat Bass Custom Baits Swim Jig, Ice Blue Shad also comes with a custom craw type trailer. This is an outstanding bait.