Swim jigs are one of the most versatile bass baits ever created and I always have one tied on. We offer this great bait in 10 custom colors. Everything about this outstanding bait screams quality. From the Mustad 5 OT heavy wire ultra point hooks, to the custom colored signature series skirts and matching trailers. The narrow head design is perfect for swimming through heavy cover and grass. Add a double collar system to lock your skirts and trailer in place with a grade A weed guard and you have the perfect swim jig to hammer bass year round. This is the perfect bait to catch giant pre spawn bass and it excels at catching big bass relating to main lake structures. Pro tip: With any swim jig choosing the right rod is of paramount importance to insure casting accuracy around shallow cover and skipping under docks. I use the same rod for both my swim jigs & bladed swim jigs. I like a 7' med heavy action rod with a fast tip and I will have it spooled with 16 or 20 pound Gamma fluorocarbon or Gamma 50 pound braid in real heavy cover. When fishing swim jigs it's crucial to allow the fish to load the rod before setting the hook. As far as retrieves I keep it simple. Most days a slow steady retrieve works great. If I need to change it up to make them eat it I will periodically pump the rod tip with a drop & fall style retrieve. All trailers are not created equal. We use only the finest 4.5" trailers on our Magnum Swim Jigs because you deserve the very best. The trailers that we use have the perfect texture and action to consistently produce quality bites.