Fat Bass Jumbo Swim Jigs: Alewife.

No question, swim jigs are one of the most versatile baits ever created and they will consistently produce 12 months a year in both fresh & salt water applications. We were asked to come up with a bait that would catch big stripers for surf casting fishermen. The end result is a 6.5" thick swimbait body with a big paddle tail that looks and feels real, and one that is also durable. We hit a home run by combining these outstanding swim baits with the perfect jig head for this application. We needed a head design that would run true at various speeds, that was heavy enough to cast a country mile and we needed a big strong hook. These heads are available in 1.5 oz. 2 oz. and 3 oz. sizes, and come equipped with a Mustad, heavy wire wide gap ultra point hook in both 7 OT & 8 OT sizes. While testing this bait we caught Stripers, Bluefish, Barracuda, and Redfish, as well as several giant largemouth bass. Last month two customers both caught stripers off the Jersey Shore in excess of 30 pounds on these swim jigs. We are selling these in a two pack, which includes two 6.5" swim baits and two custom jig heads of your choice for $18.00. Please note: These baits do not come pre rigged.

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