Football jigs have been catching big bass across America since the 1970's. This is a bait that I highly recommend you learn how to fish. The versatility of Football Jigs cannot be overstated, they can be dragged, swam, hopped, and will catch bass consistently at any depth and in any type of cover. I have caught hundreds of quality bass on Football Jigs. We offer this outstanding bait in 1/2 & 3/4 oz. weights and in seven Fat Bass custom colors. Our weed-less football jigs are made with super sharp, Mustad ultra point hooks, custom skirts and a color matched crawfish style trailer. The trailer that we use adds action to the bait and the flat bottom allows you to swim the bait across structure with a very natural and realistic gliding presentation that bass cant resist. Our unique style hybrid football head has a recessed line tie to protect the knot. This is a dynamite bait whenever bass are relating to structure. Pro tip: Fishing football style jigs often requires making long casts and fishing deeper water, 30' plus feet is very common. For this type presentation I like a 7'4" medium heavy action rod with a fast tip and a high speed reel. Gamma fluorocarbon line in 16 pound is my choice of line whenever I'm fishing football jigs because it's very strong, abrasion resistant, ultra low stretch and super sensitive. Allow the bass to load the rod before using a sweep style hook set and keep constant pressure on the fish. One great presentation when bass are keying on humps and ledges on lakes such as Pickwick & Amistad, is to make a long cast and allow the bait to fall to the bottom. Point your rod tip directly at the bait, now quickly put 4 or 5 revolutions on the reel to swim the bait a few feet. Once the bait touches bottom repeat this process back to the boat. Swim the bait with the reel not the rod. Keep your rod tip low and pointed at the bait so you will be in the perfect position to set the hook .