Fat Bass Finesse Swim Jigs

Fat Bass Custom Bait's is proud to offer what we believe is the finest finesse Swim Jig on the market today. This bait has it all. A Mustad 4OT medium wire ultra point hook built on a 1/4 oz. jig head with a recessed line tie to protect the knot. Armor tough quality paint with 3 D eyes, a grade A medium weed guard with custom colored skirts and matching 3.5" paddle tail trailer. This bait is top quality throughout and absolutely hammers bass and other game fish.

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It's a fact, sometimes the bass turn off to larger bait's but will still eat a smaller toned down presentation. This is especially true in ultra clear water or fisheries that receive constant heavy pressure. This bait is truly outstanding because it has both attracting and triggering qualities to catch these inactive fish.

The versatility of this bait make it a great option anytime. Swim it through shallow cover, skip it under docks, slow roll it over deeper water when the bass are busting shad. Both largemouth and smallmouth will assault this bait, as will white bass, Spotted bass, stripers and walleye. 

All trailers are not created equal. We use only the finest 3.5" trailers available on our Fat Bass Finesse Swim Jigs because you deserve the very best. The trailers that we use have the perfect texture and action to consistently produce.

I guarantee that you will catch fish on our Fat Bass Custom Bait's finesse Swim Jigs. We are offering this dynamite bait is six Fat Bass signature colors to help you catch more fat bass.