Some call them blade baits or under spins, I call them upside down blade baits. Whatever you call them they have been around for decades and this bait always had a place in my boat during my guiding days. Put simply, there are days when upside down blade baits are the best bait you can throw for catching largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. They will also catch big crappie, walleye and perch. Our custom upside down blade bait is both unique and different. We use only the finest deer hair to make the body, than add a Mustad, black nickel ultra-point hook, realistic eyes, a special designed HEX style willowleaf blade that products a distinct flash and a custom trailer. This bait is available in 1/4 & 3/8 oz. sizes. This is an outstanding bait for fishing cold water. Pro tip: I prefer fishing this bait on a 6'9" medium light action spinning rod with a fast tip. 8 pound gamma fluorocarbon or Ande clear monofilament work well with this presentation. Once the bait touches bottom, simply retrieve the bait back slowly, making sure to periodically bump into rocks. You can also catch some nice fish by fishing it with a slow lift and drop presentation, similar to fishing a Texas rig. When bass are busting shad, reel the bait at a faster clip, keeping it just under the surface and hang on. I've had days where we have caught over 40 largemouth & smallmouth bass on this outstanding bait.

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