Fat Bass Custom Baits Fat Head Swimming Grubs

Sometimes, especially in clear water or with fisheries that receive immense pressure bass get finicky and very selective in their feeding habits. This is especially true with smallmouth and spotted bass. Fat Bass Custom Baits is proud to add a bait that I designed and tested on Lake Mead, Nevada and Lake Havasu, Arizona, which have a reputation as tough fisheries. At times like this our Fat head swimming grubs offer the bass a dynamite action and unique look that triggers bites. This bait is so versatile, swim it fast just under the surface, slow roll it through cover, hop it like a jig or cast it under docks and hold on. This is an outstanding bait for numbers of bass. The head is built on a wide gap Mustad ultra point hook with a grade A weedguard, than we finish off the bait by adding a custom colored skirt and a matching swimming tail grub. We are offering this bait in both 1/4 & 3/8 OZ. in four proven colors.