The real magic of our bladed swim jig comes in it's versatility and simplicity. They catch bass in clear water, stained water and muddy water. They are equally effective on largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and stripers. You can fish them on monofilament, fluorocarbon or braid. They work just as good at night as they do in the day time and your presentation options are endless. Wake the bait under the surface, skip it under docks, slow roll the bait through suspended fish, or bang it off cover and structure the same way you do a crankbait or spinnerbait. This bait exemplifies what Fat Bass Custom Bait's strives for, quality throughout. We built this bait using a narrow head design that is perfect for swimming through heavy cover. Combine that with a Mustad, 5 OT heavy wire wide gap ultra point hook, a custom skirt with armor tough paint and a color matched premium blade and you have the makings for the perfect bladed swim jig. We finish the bait by adding a custom color matched paddle tail trailer and a quality VMC split ring and snap. This bait also has a double collar locking system to lock your skirt and trailer in place. I guarantee you will not find a better bladed swim jig at any price. Please Note: In our ongoing effort to give our customers the greatest value possible we are also adding a color matched craw to every bladed swim jig sold. That gives you one great Bladed Swim Jig with two outstanding trailers for one great price to help you catch more fat bass. Pro Tip: When fishing a swim jig in grass or skipping it under docks the right rod is of paramount importance to insure casting accuracy. I prefer using a 7' med/heavy action rod with a fast tip. I typically throw my swim jigs on Gamma fluorocarbon in 16 or 20 pound. I will use straight Gamma braid in heavy wood or vegetation. Make sure you feel the fish and allow it to load the rod before setting the hook.