Fat Bass, 3/16 oz. Ultimate Finesse Jig. Cocoa Craw.

Fantastic finesse jig specifically designed for clear water applications with light line. There are times where bass will smash a small profile jig and ignore a bigger presentation, this is especially true with smallmouths and spotted bass.


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The Fat Bass Custom Bait's ultimate finesse jigs are the perfect jig to fish on a spinning rod with light line. Joe originally designed this bait for catching smallmouths in creeks and rivers, but has since realized it's deadly on smallmouths and spotted bass anywhere. This bait is built on a custom designed head that combines traits of both a ball head & football head jig and it's perfect for fishing rock & gravel. There are two collars on the back of the head to lock and hold your skirt & trailer in place. The jig comes complete with a super sharp, Mustad black nickel ultra point hook, a custom colored finesse skirt and a matching crawfish trailer. We also use a 60 degree hook which changes your line tie angle giving you added sensitivity and better control of the bait.