New for 2021: Fat Bass Elite Series Spinnerbaits simply put are spinnerbait perfection. We were asked by customers to create a high quality custom spinnerbait that matched natural baitfish tones in color schemes others did not offer with a Gamagatsu hook. From your feedback. I think we nailed it. This bait is built on a wide gap, super sharp Gamagatsu spinnerbait hook that joins the most realistic baitfish head design I have ever seen. Including quality paint schemes, realistic eyes and tapered gill plates. It looks alive. The blades are top quality , highly polished and made in the USA. We use the finest ball bearing swivels made. Each one contains 6 small internal bearings ensuring smooth flawless blade rotation. The back of the jig head has a double collar locking system to hold your skirts and trailer firmly in place. Each one of our Elite Series spinnerbait Skirts are layered and multi colored to provide the most realistic look and action possible. To add more realism and authenticity to the bait we have added a color matched paddle tail trailer which also adds action and bulk to this outstanding bait. Available in seven custom colors and each bait is available in both 3/8 & 1/2 oz. Please note: White Lightning & Chartreuse Moose are also available with white tandem Willowleaf blades.

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