Bass Slammers: Sexy Sally. 1/8 oz.

Bass Slammers are an outstanding bait that simply hammer a variety of fish species. The real magic in this bait is a combination of the perfect jig head design and the overall action and profile of the bait. Armor tough jig paint, Mustad super sharp ultra point hooks and the finest paddle tail trailers make Bass Slammers a great option anytime. Each package contains two pre rigged baits in your choice of 1/8 oz. or 1/4 oz. jig heads. We offer this outstanding bait in six custom colors to cover all your needs.

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Pro Tip:

Bass Slammers excel when bass are in shallow water or suspending in trees and under docks. This is one of the most versatile and consistent producing bait's I have ever used and it not only catches numbers of fish but big fish as well. 

 I designed this bait to use in clear water finesse type applications for catching largemouth and Smallmouth bass but it does an outstanding job on white bass, stripers, Walleye, crappie and trout, and it works great for saltwater applications as well. Snook, Flounder and Drum will assault this bait.

In summer and winter when bass relate to outside points channels and ledges, a slow steady retrieve will generate violent strikes as will lifting and dropping the bait on the structure itself.

When rigging the bait may I suggest putting one small drop of super glue at the front of the paddle tail and press it firmly against the jig head. This greatly enhances the durability of the bait. Make certain that the paddle tails are rigged perfectly straight to achieve the proper action.